North Chicago Police Chief Placed on Leave

Chief Mike Newsome was removed during an independent investigation of police brutality charges

Amid police brutality allegations, North Chicago's police chief was placed on paid administrative leave Tuesday, the city's mayor said.

Chief Mike Newsome was removed pending an investigation into six cases of alleged excessive force by police.

Last month Mayor Leon Rockingham Jr. overruled a split City Council vote to suspend Newsome following the November death of 45-year-old Darrin Hanna.

Hanna was allegedly beaten by police responding to a domestic incident and died a week later. The Lake County Coroner told the Chicago Tribune last month Hanna had suffered multiple traumas and likely was shocked with a Taser.

Illinois State Police have launched an investigation into Hanna's death, which has resulted in seven officers placed on desk duty.

Retired Lake Forest police Chief Michael Hosking was named temporary chief.

Rockingham said the move was in response to help restore “lack of public confidence” in internal investigation procedures.

The city reportedly has paid about $1.3 million to settle a half dozen police brutality claims during the Newsome's six-year tenure.

When 61-year-old Van Alston was pulled over in 2009, video from the dashboard camera of the squad car recorded him lying on the ground while being kicked and shocked twice with a Taser.

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