Noise Will Factor in Philly

Remember how loud the Lions' crowd was on Monday Night Football? The nine false start penalties, and the way the Bears burned through their  timeouts because Jay Cutler couldn't communicate with the offense over the cacophony? Well, we have some bad news. Philadelphia isn't much better.

The Bears will head the City of Brotherly Love to play the Eagles, Monday, and noise is just as much a concern for this game as it was for the Bears' previous Monday night outing. Part of the problem was that the Bears' communication devices didn't work properly. Cutler is not concerned about that, as much as he is worried about playing right.

"There are going to be some problems, some glitches like in any game. But hopefully we’re consistent throughout the game in what we’re trying to do.”

The Bears got their only road win of the season two weeks ago in London over Tampa, but those wins are key in the Bears march to the postseason. If they get in via wildcard -- which is likely the only way they will get in, considering the Packers' undefeated record -- they will likely play on the road. It will be loud.

They have to prove that they can handle the noise and pressure of playing on the road. If they can't win in other places than Soldier Field, there's not much of a point of getting to the Super Bowl.

Watch Paula Faris' sitdown interview Jay Cutler on tonight's 10 p.m. news.

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