Taking the Trick out of Trick-or-Treating

Evanston, Chicago aldermen ask stores to stop selling eggs to kids

Two local aldermen are hoping the second year of their effort to keep Halloween pranks egg-free will be as successful as last year's.

An egg embargo imposed on Chicago and Evanston youths was prompted by the "Egg War of 2006," in which countless homes, businesses and vehicles along Howard Street, the boundry line between Chicago and Evanston, were egged.

Last year, the two aldermen, Ann Rainey of Evanston and Joe Moore of Chicago, decided to try to stop to the war by asking stores to stop selling eggs to kids around Halloween.

The egg blockade seemed to have worked, with both politicians noting a dramatic drop in the number of eggings last year.

Community organizer Bernard Garbo said a side benefit of the egg crackdown is it puts drug dealers on alert. He said the egg crackdown last year was accompanied by volunteers patrolling streets with two-way radios.

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