No Games Chicago on 2016: “We'll Bungle It”

Olympic debates heat up at Lakeview forum

The Pros – publicity and tourism for Chicago, which ultimately leads to economic stimulation and universal credibility.

The Cons – publicity and tourism for Chicago, which ultimately leads to renovated city parks and streets full of chaotic and misinformed out-of-towners.

Turns out the anti-Chicago 2016 Olympics crowd – officially known as No Games Chicago – is holding its ground as Mayor Daley and the Chicago 2016 campaign continues to fight for the bid.

Monday night’s Olympics forum in Lakeview hosted as many No Games folks as bid supporters, the Chicago Tribune reports.

"We're broke. We have no money. We're incompetent and corrupt, and we'll bungle it," Tom Tresser of No Games Chicago said.

The No Games people have held rallies to express their concern and have gone so far as to send representatives to Switzerland to press their case to the International Olympic Committee.

Many of the No Gamers are concerned about the effect that the Olympic Games will have on some of Chicago’s most historic and beautiful parks. They suggest instead renovating blighted areas.

Olympic supporters, however, claim that this will set the 2016 Chicago Olympic budget way off track. While they agree such intentions are admirable, the skyrocketing prices negate the possibility.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky, for one, disagrees with the No Games group. As a supporter of the Chicago bid, she is trying to get the U.S. House of Representatives to support ther 2016 Olympic bid.

Schakowsky proposed legislation which retroactively recognizes Olympic Day in our country and encourages the International Olympic Committee to select Chicago to host the 2016 Games.

With 122 co-sponsors, the resolution is poised to win and will be voted on later today.

Chicago stands divided, split on the vision of this city’s future.

The Olympics are bound to leave some Chicagoans unhappy regardless of the bid decision, it’s just a matter of whether this unhappiness will sink in on a living room couch or on the sidelines of the 2016 Games.

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