No Games Chicago Has A Future

First real opposition to Daley

Tom Tresser for mayor?

That might be a longshot, but the No Games Chicago organization that Tresser fronted represents the only real organized opposition to Richard M. Daley that we've seen around these parts.

And unlike Chicago 2016, the anti-Olympics organization appears to be sticking around.

"No Games Chicago helped turn back a bad plan for our future," organizers write on their Web site. "Should we stay around to help build a better plan?"

The tone of remarks made by several No Games members indicates that question has already been answered.

Tresser told the Wall Street Journal that the group will remain intact and is soliciting ideas.

"We felt all along that the problems facing Chicago wouldn't be solved by throwing parties and building concrete sports facilities along the lakefront," Tresser said. "The mayor has said he has nothing else up his sleeve for economic development."

No Games member Joan Levin told Medill Reports that this “is a time of reflection for the entire city to decide what our priorities really should be. Now we need to get back to work.”

No Games commenter Susan Jendrezak writes, "Now that we’ve dodged the Olympic bullet . . . whew . . .  how about taking on Mayor Daley and all his TIF Districts? Everyone knows that our aldermen won’t stand up to the mayor, so we the people need to do it!"

How 'bout it, Tom?

The basic organization is there, and the group doesn't even have to change its name: No Games Chicago still applies.

Steve Rhodes is the proprietor of The Beachwood Reporter, a Chicago-centric news and culture review.

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