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No Arrests Made in Chicago Weekend Shootings of 74 People, Police Say

No arrests have been made in any of the shootings that took place over the violent Chicago weekend that saw at least 74 people shot across the city, according to police.

"We have really good leads on quite a few of them but we haven’t made any physical arrests yet," Chicago police Supt. Eddie Johnson said at a news conference addressing the violence on Monday.

Johnson said 46 people were arrested on weapons charges and 60 guns were seized in Chicago over the weekend, though those arrests were not connected to any of the shootings that took place, leaving 12 people dead and at least 62 others wounded between 3 p.m. Friday and 9 a.m. Monday.

The recent violence in Chicago is having a ripple effect on the city. From the families left to mourn the victims, to the trauma endured by doctors and nurses who have to care for them, and the funeral homes who have to bury them. NBC 5’s Christian Farr reports.

Six of those shootings wounded at least four people at a time in a spike in violence over seven hours on Sunday morning, according to police, who issued a call to community members to come forward with information about the incidents and possible suspects.

"Don’t think for a moment people don’t know who in the neighborhood was responsible," Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Monday. "Who actually did this. If you say to yourself 'Enough is enough,' will that implore you to do something so that this doesn’t happen again?"

Johnson echoed that call, reiterating that officers rely on information from the community in order to solve cases.

"CPD can do better but at the end of the day, the members of CPD don’t go to bed with these individuals at night. They don't wake up with them in the morning. It's very rare we actually witness this stuff," he added. "Somebody knows who did it. They do, they know that. They hold me accountable. They hold the mayor accountable. They hold the city council accountable."

"You know what I never hear?" Johnson continued. "I hear people holding us accountable all the time. I never hear people out in the city saying 'These individuals out here in the streets need to stop pulling the trigger.' I never hear that. They get a pass from everybody and they shouldn't. You should be able to gather on your block and have a block club party without the fear of being gunned down - and it's the same individuals that continuously commit these crimes. Where’s the accountability for that?"

Chicago police deployed hundreds of additional officers to neighborhoods most impacted by the weekend's gun violence, and implored anyone with information to contact investigators.

Tips can be submitted anonymously via CPD's online portal at

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