Officials Shut Down Late-Night Parties

Hundreds of partygoers were sent home Saturday night after police shut down two Chicago nightclubs.

The 22thirty9 nightclub in the 200 block of South Michigan Avenue was forced to end its late-night party due to fire code violations and overcrowding, according to Chicago Police.

The three-story club had nearly three times the 50-person occpupancy limit for the building with 144 people inside, officials said.

"It's just one of those things that leads up to a catastrophe," said Deputy Fire Director Richard Ford.

While responding to the night club, police were alerted to a rowdy party at a community center in the 2800 block of South Racine Avenue in the Pilsen neighborhood.

Partygoers were reportedly throwing bottles and other objects off the rooftop damaging cars below.

Police officers were reportedly locked out of the center and forced to call the Chicago Fire Department to break through the doors.

Once the doors were broken, those in attendance fled the scene.

Major firecode violations were reported inside the center including open flames, unmarked exits and expired fire extinguishers, officials said.

"Saftey is foremost. We don't want to inhibit anyone form having fun, having a good source of entertainment," Ford said. "We just want it to be done in a safe manner."

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