James Neveau

NHL Releases Stanley Cup Hype Video Ahead of Playoffs

Blackhawks will try to win fourth Stanley Cup in eight seasons when the playoffs begin Thursday

The NHL's Stanley Cup Playoffs will get underway on Wednesday night, and as 16 teams set their sights on the most prized trophy in sports, the league has released a video to get fans hyped for the playoff action to come. 

That video, narrated as always by Lieb Schreiber, features the Stanley Cup in all of its shiny silver glory, and while it highlights the imperfections, dents, and misspellings in the legendary chalice, it's nonetheless awe-inspiring. 

Here is the video: 

Some of the most notable dings and dents in the Cup are shown, as are some of the more famous alterations that have been made to it over the years. The X-ed out name of former Edmonton Oilers owner Peter Pocklington's father is shown in the video, as was the misspelled name of the New York Islanders (spelled Ilanders) from when the team hoised the Cup in 1981. 

Even the Blackhawks have had their own issues with spelling on the Cup, as Kris Versteeg's name was spelled as "Vertsteeg" on the trophy before it was corrected after the 2010 championship. 

The Blackhawks will open the Stanley Cup Playoffs on Thursday night when they take on the Nashville Predators in the opening round. The playoffs get underway in earnest on Wednesday night, with eight teams taking the ice for the first time. 

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