Chicago Blackhawks

Blackhawks Hoping Fate Smiles Upon Them in NHL Draft Lottery

The Blackhawks have a 6.5 percent chance of getting the top pick

The Chicago Blackhawks are hoping that fate smiles upon them during the NHL Draft Lottery on Saturday night.

The Blackhawks, who missed the postseason for the first time in a decade, have the seventh-best odds of capturing the top overall pick in this year’s NHL Draft, with a 6.5 percent chance of obtaining that selection.

The Blackhawks have a 20.4 percent chance of selecting in the top three, with a 6.8 percent chance of getting the second pick and a 7.1 percent chance of getting the third pick.

Their best odds are with the eighth overall pick, with a nearly 40 percent chance of slotting into that spot. They can pick no worse than 10th in the draft order, and they only have a one percent chance of getting that pick.

The Buffalo Sabres have the best odds at the number one pick, with an 18.5 percent chance, and they are followed by Ottawa, Arizona, Montreal, and Detroit.

The NHL Draft Lottery will be held at 6:30 p.m. on NBC, with the fourth through 15th picks being revealed. The top three picks will be revealed during the second intermission of the Vegas Golden Knights and San Jose Sharks’ playoff game, which will also air on NBC. 

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