Madhouse Enforcer Vs. Alex Quigley: And the Winner Is…

Team Toews beat Team Foligno, but could Toews carry Quigley to victory?

Before the NHL All-Star Game took place in Columbus over the weekend, Alex Quigley agreed to take on James Neveau in a fantasy draft showdown.

As the week before the game unfolded, both teams were racked with injuries. Team Quigley lost Pittsburgh Penguins stars Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, and they also lost goaltender Jimmy Howard to injury. Meanwhile, Team Madhouse Enforcer lost two goaltenders as Sergei Bobrovsky and Pekka Rinne each missed the game, and defenseman Erik Johnson also sat out for the event.

The Madhouse Enforcer team even lost a player during the festivities in Columbus, as Tyler Johnson ended up not participating in the Skills Competition or the game itself, and he wasn’t replaced by the NHL, meaning that we were short a man throughout.

Despite those many obstacles, the competition had to carry on. Which contestant would win a free lunch on the tab of the loser, and more importantly, the bragging rights to go along with it? Here’s how things shook out.

Skills Competition: Team Madhouse Enforcer

The Madhouse Enforcer team breezed to victory in the Skills Challenge, buoyed by some huge performances out of Patrick Kane and Ryan Johansen. Both players were part of the successful relay team that won that event, and Kane’s win in the accuracy challenge aided the cause as well.

Goals Scored in ASG: Team Madhouse Enforcer

Just like the game itself, the Madhouse Enforcer side came out with a 17-12 victory. Team Quigley did have John Tavares aiding the cause with four goals in the game, but Jakub Voracek’s hat trick helped the Madhouse Enforcer crew take a commanding 2-0 lead in the best-of-five series.

Assists Registered in ASG: Team Quigley

In a 30-22 victory, Team Quigley picks up their first win of the competition. Three different players picked up four assists for the squad, with Jonathan Toews, Vladimir Tarasenko, and Patrice Bergeron carrying the Quigley side to victory.

Goals Allowed in ASG: Team Quigley

In a weird bit of luck, Team Quigley ended up with all three goaltenders on Team Toews, and Team Madhouse Enforcer had the three goaltenders on Team Foligno. Needless to say, the Quigley side proved victorious, as Marc Andre-Fleury and Brian Elliott each allowed seven goals in a losing effort, meaning things are tied up at 2-2 going into the final category.

Owning All-Star Game MVP: Team Madhouse Enforcer

When we say that Madhouse Enforcer is the people’s champion, this win is what we will be referring to. Our team happened to have Ryan Johansen on it, and despite the fact that he was on the losing side in a game that wasn’t close, fans voted him as MVP anyway. Team Quigley’s John Tavares was likely a much more deserving candidate, as was Jonathan Toews, but the people have spoken, and Quigley is no match for the will of the hockey-viewing public.

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