New York's Fail Was Chicago's Olympic Win

The best way to learn is from mistakes.

Thank goodness New York City tanked its bid for the 2012 Olympics so badly, writes David Haugh in the Chicago Tribune.

Back in 2005, New York was in the running for the 2012 Olympics that eventually went to London. 

New York ran into all sorts of problems with its bid, which eventually placed fourth out of five cities. A state panel rejected Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s bid to build a 75,000- seat stadium on the West Side of Manhattan.

That signaled to International Olympic Committee members that New York was not serious about getting its bid done.

But their stumble made United States Olympic Committee members take a long hard look at how American cities entered into the fray. Up until this current go around, any number of cities could submit to the USOC for consideration and the organization would sift through ideas.

They changed their approach to include a more selective process, like the IOC uses.

The USOC began scouting cities that could potentially host the Olympics and they were surprised to find out that Chicago would make a great venue.

After Chicago beat out San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Houston for the US bid city, they found out how this city works, too.

Mayor Daley’s iron fisted control of the city council – with its 49-0 vote to support a taxpayer guarantee – as well as the politically connected types who helped run the bid for the Games, worked out so well.

We’ll find out Friday if their work paid off.


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