New Video Shows Moments After Officer Appears to Stomp On Suspect's Head

One day after video appearing to show a Chicago police officer kicking a suspect's head during an arrest went viral, new footage appears to show the moments after the man was knocked unconscious. 

The cell phone video begins shortly after an officer was caught on camera stomping on 24-year-old Shaquille O'Neal's head while he resisted arrest by another officer. 

The video shows another officer appearing to knee the man after he had been apparently knocked out. 

One of the officer's has since been stripped of his police powers and placed on desk duty pending an investigation, the Chicago Police Department said.

"Upon viewing the video, Superintendent Johnson immediately asked the Independent Police Review Authority to investigate the matter while the department gathers more information about the case," the department said in a statement.

Earlier footage, which has been seen thousands of times on Facebook, shows an officer attempting to arrest a suspect who was running from police in the city’s Lawndale neighborhood. It begins with the pair struggling on the ground in the 3900 block of West Grenshaw.

Witnesses say O'Neal was running from police and appeared to be resisting arrest when the officer took the man to the ground.

“He was running from police, they had him face down on the ground,” said witness Dre Powell. “Started whopping him.”

Another officer arrives on scene and at one point kicks the man in the face.

“The officer came over there and kicked him in the face,” said Terrance Hobson, who took the video.

The footage was posted to Facebook Monday afternoon, where it quickly garnered more than 180,000 views and more than 9,700 shares in a matter of four hours.

O'Neal was knocked unconscious and taken to Mount Sinai Hospital for treatment, according to the Chicago Fire Department. He was released from the hospital on Tuesday.

"To see your loved one all banged up... everyone is not bad," said O'Neal's aunt Winnieka Smith. "A dog doesn't deserve to be stomped."

A small but vocal group of protestors gathered at police headquarters overnight and another group gathered Tuesday evening. 

"Really, really disturbing to see that video," community activist Jedidiah Brown said. "It outraged a lot of people in the city of Chicago."

It was not immediately known why police were chasing the man.

Police said pending charges against O'Neal include aggravated battery to a peace officer, resisting peace officer, possession of a controlled substance and reckless conduct.

“I don’t know what he did, the guy they were detaining,” said Hobson. “But everybody seen what you did. That was wrong too.”

The Chicago Police Department said its investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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