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New Poll Results Show African-American Voters Favor Emanuel

Both Rahm Emanuel and Jesus "Chuy" Garcia have actively courted the African-American vote, which could be the determining factor in the outcome of the runoff

A new mayoral poll shows Rahm Emanuel is likely to earn the majority of the coveted African-American vote on April 7.

WVON and the Chicago Defender interviewed more than 1,000 registered African-American voters in a questionnaire asking them how they would vote in the runoff election if it took place that day. About 46 percent of those surveyed put their support behind Emanuel, while 36 percent supported Garcia. Another 18 percent remained undecided.

Both candidates have actively campaigned for the African-American vote since Feb. 24 as it was seen as the key to winning the runoff. Much of that demographic remained heavily undecided in the ensuing weeks, thus giving those voters the potential to determine the outcome of the April 7 election.

Although Emanuel emerged the victor in this poll, Garcia has racked up more endorsements from African-American leaders, including the Rev. Jesse Jackson, former mayoral candidate Willie Wilson and former Illinois Senate President Emil Jones.

Other recent polls show the mayor has a significant lead over Garcia. The Chicago Tribune poll results released Tuesday showed 58 percent of voters favored Emanuel with only 9 percent undecided. The latest Ogden and Fry poll from the weekend showed Emanuel with about 48 percent of the vote. About 18 percent were undecided.

The WVON and Chicago Defender poll does not indicate voter turnout, however. According to their analysis, more than 50 percent of voters polled who are 46 years old and older favored Emanuel. The younger demographic represented in the poll leaned toward Garcia.

Among the undecided voters, the older demographic is more likely to cast their ballots in the election, meaning Emanuel is most likely to emerge the winner of the African-American vote, according to WVON and the Chicago Defender.

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