Museum of Science and Industry

New Museum of Science and Industry Exhibit Gives Guests With Colorblindness a Chance to See Color

Color blind glasses EnChroma are available to guests with colorblindness

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A new exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry, "The Art of the Brick," is looking to bring splashes of color to all guests, even those who have colorblindness, one Lego brick at a time.

"We want to make the museum more accessible to as many people as possible and this is just one of the many ways that we can do that and we were very excited when EnChroma reached out to us so that we could have an opportunity to show case to some people how to see color in this exhibit," Peter Vega with the Museum of Science and Industry said.

The museum offered three lucky guests the opportunity to try the glasses on for themselves --all three of them deal with colorblindness.

Brandon Mills was one of those guests who has a hard time distinguishing colors, especially greens. This was an opportunity to see color in a way he never had before.

“I’ve been living with it forever, I don’t really know any different so I don’t necessarily know what I am missing out on,” Mills said.

Another guest, told NBC 5 the glasses helped turn what initially looked grey into a pink, and what looked orange into red.

EnChroma, the company behind the glasses, is making them available to all guests beginning Father's Day Weekend.

“I can think of no greater joy than for families to bring their color blind dads to not only experience the world in color for the first time, but to appreciate the explosion of colors in the iconic LEGO sculptures at 'The Art of the Brick' on Father’s Day as well,” said Erik Ritchie, CEO of EnChroma.

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