New Michigan Ave. Apple Store Wraps Itself in Chicago Artist's Lyrics

In preparation for its Oct. 20 opening, Apple has wrapped its store with lyrics from Saba, a Chicago musician.

The store’s website says to celebrate its grand opening it partnered with local artists to create “Where Ideas Sing.” A series of live performances and events aim to inspire the next generation of photographers, musicians, artists and app developers, the store says.

“This city anthem was written and performed by hip-hop artist Saba, and his lyrics were brought to life by public artist Matthew Hoffman,” the store’s website says. “The spirit of this collaboration, like Apple Michigan Avenue itself, was inspired by the creativity and energy of Chicago.”

The events listed on the site range from typography to photography and architecture.

“Chicago's creative roots run deep. It's where house music and rock and roll first took the stage. Where world-famous architecture lives. And where contemporary art thrives,” the store’s website says. “Along the Chicago riverfront where the city was founded, we're opening Apple Michigan Avenue. A space for the next generation of creative pioneers to come together, connect, and share their talent.”

Find more information about the upcoming artistic events at the Apple store here.

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