New Groupon Clone HalfTabs Wants Everyone to Get Drunk

Regardless of whether you think the group-buying space is just one giant bubble about to burst, one thing everyone can agree is that it's definitely getting much more crowded. The Geneva-based is the latest such site to join the fray, and to its credit, at least its gimmick is fully thought out and realized.

Officially launched today, stands out from the herd by hyper-specializing in the types of deals it offers: wristband drink packages for bars.

Instead of offering deals on a daily basis, each week the site intends to dish out a deal for a different bar. If enough people buy in, you can fully expect said bar to be positively packed, since wristband-wearers have to all check in around the same time and can skip any line to enjoy unlimited booze. In this case, it's unlimited domestic and import beer, wine, and well/call cocktails.

Tempting though that might be, this week's first deal is still at Rebel Bar & Grill in Wrigleyville. Unlimited drinks in Wrigleyville? You've been forewarned, neighbors.

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