O'Hare Airport Opens First New Gates in 25 Years

Friday marked an historic moment at O'Hare International Airport, as American Airlines was slated to unveil its first new gates in decades.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and American Airlines CEO Doug Parker were scheduled to open five new gates - O'Hare's first in 25 years.

Emanuel's office said in a statement that the gates will "help Chicago prepare for growing air travel demand" and the development marked "the first step forward" in O'Hare's recently-approved $8.5 billion expansion plan.

American Airlines originally opposed that deal and threatened not to sign off, arguing that only United Airlines would benefit.

But Emanuel later renegotiated, offering American three additional gates.

Those are in addition to the five new gates unveiled Friday, which cost $78 million and were funded entirely by the airline.

The unveiling was scheduled to take place at O'Hare beginning at 9:15 a.m.

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