New CTA Trains Arrive in Chicago

The cars boast new seating, better ventilation, smoother breaking and more security

The first 26 new CTA rail cars were delivered to Chicago over the weekend and riders soon will get to experience them.

Of 706 new rail cars on order, the CTA expects to have 40 more cars delivered from Bombardier Transportation by the end of the year and another 192 cars delivered in 2012, officials told the Chicago Tribune.

CTA spokeswoman Molly Sullivan said the agency is making final adjustments to the new cars before putting them into service.

The new cars have aisle-facing seats meant to create wider aisles and make it easier for riders to move in and out of the cars, according to the CTA website.

They also have digital train destination signs that show time, date and information about the train's route and location, as well as public service announcements.

The new cars will replace trains up to 42 years old that often break down. The CTA says the investment is expected to save between $8 million and $10 million a year in maintenance costs.

Security cameras will record all activity inside the train, allowing better access to help passengers when help is needed, according to the CTA.

When the remaining cars come to Chicago is still be determined, officials told the Tribune. They could arrive in 2013 and possibly 2014.

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