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New Chicago Restaurant Aims to Serve Free Meals Every Day

The restaurant will partially rely on donations to fund operations and meals

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A restaurant planning to serve free meals to anyone who enters is scheduled to open Saturday in Chicago's West Garfield Park neighborhood.

You read that right: free meals to anyone who enters the restaurant.

Jermaine Jordan, who owns a nearby car wash and car dealership, said he was inspired to give back to the community after growing up poor in the Henry Horner Homes public housing project.

“I know how that feels not knowing where you get your next meal from,” Jordan said.

He said he was further inspired upon giving money to a homeless man so he could pay for food and shelter.

“He’d been out in the street for the last three, four years,” Jordan said. “It was like he hadn’t eaten in a couple days.”

The restaurant, located at 4100 W. Madison St., is called Free Healthy Hot Meals.

Jordan said he will use proceeds from his businesses and donations to pay for the meals and restaurant operations.

“Counting on the donations to keep the restaurant afloat, so it can stay open every day and feed someone every day,” Jordan said.

Jordan has also started an online fundraiser.

The restaurant officially opens at 1 p.m. on Saturday.

Jordan said everyone is welcome, and this weekend his team will be serving BBQ ribs, baked macaroni, collard greens, fried chicken and banana pudding.

“I hope that I will inspire other people by the grace of God,” Jordan said.

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