New Chicago Pizza Rank Didn't Include Lou's, Giordano's. Here's What You Think

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After a new list of top pizza places in Chicago was released Wednesday, hundreds of people shared their reaction to Lou Malnati's and Giordano's, among others, not making the cut.

In a lineup from Tasting Table, Chicago pizza joints featuring a range of pies from both thin crust and deep dish were ranked from No. 1 to No. 10, narrowing down a historically debated topic among residents.

However, after releasing the ranking, some Chicagoans shared strong opinions on where their favorite pizza restaurants fell, or didn't fall, on the list.

Here were some comments on Facebook:

"The very first Lou Malnati’s in Lincolnwood is the best pizza for me. The other ones are are hit or miss. I’ve been eating there since in my mother’s womb," Joanna Vaca Barros wrote.

"What about Pete’s Pizza on Western?!? Has been there forever & even though they have changed owners, pizza has always stayed the same!" Keri Medina wrote.

"No surprise ... Lou Malnati's is not consistent... I've heard from family and friends alike that Peaquods have great pizza. Must try...," Janice F Guider wrote.

"I’ve lived in Chicago my entire life, in practically every neighborhood from Ashburn to Rogers Park. Best on the south side: Palermo’s. Best on the north side: JB Albertos Pizza. You’re welcome. 🍕," Andrea Voves Sorkin wrote.

"Pequads is horrible, it’s mostly bread. Lou’s is my #1 for deep dish and Pizannos is #1 for thin," Eric Clough wrote.

"We tend to like tavern-style pizza, but we go to Pequod's in Morton Grove about once a month. If you want deep dish, this is about as good as it gets.We used to love Edwardo's stuffed spinach pizza for a veggie option, but there is no longer an Edwardo's anywhere near us. So now, we go to Malnati's and get their "Lou". It's pretty close," Edward Zelnis wrote.

"Haven't liked Giordano's for decades. Lou's is still great but don't order through the mail order that features Chicago great eats. Deceptive pizza sizes on their Lou's and cheesecake bundles. Bit of a rip-off. Wait until you are back home in Chicago to get it straight from the kitchen," Allyson Rochkus Roethle wrote.

"And love me some "Vito/Nick's"! But here's where I also like to suggest some specialties that the masses may not know about. Serving for decades in Crestwood is "Louisa's" pan pizza. And Rich over in Tinley Park has the best sweet sauce stuffed pizza at his "Arrenello's". He also has another IL. location and 1 in Indiana. "Palermo's" in Tinley Park and Frankfort is still doing great with their sweet sauce regular crust (not paper thin) pizza," Roethle wrote in a separate comment.

"FINALLY!! I could never figure why the heck anyone likes Lou Malnati's it's just a name people like saying, their pizza is 🤮 My opinion and I'm entitled to it. Sorry, not sorry, tried it twice and both times it was so disappointing," Julie Farfan wrote.

"I’m gonna assume that no one involved in this ranking has had the pizza coming out of Flapjack Brewery in Berwyn?" Mark Swanson wrote.

"Obbie’s pizza and Villa Rosa pizza is great. 🤷🏻‍♂️," Randy Arriaga wrote.

"It will always be the original...Uno & DueLou's, Giordano's, Pequad's, etc are all "pan style" if Chicago'd up...Originals, Gino's, Art of Pi, etc are true "Chicago Pies" i.e. sauce on top, meats/ cheese below," Dakota Diaz wrote.

"Forno Rosso in Fulton Market District (the original is in the suburbs) has the best pizza I've ever had, and it's probably not even that close. Coalfire is my new favorite (get the bacon jam pizza). Lou Malnatti's is still the best deep dish around I think. La Briola off Michigan Ave is pretty good. Pequods is good but I don't think spectacular," Kevin Fuller wrote.

Here's the list and corresponding neighborhoods or suburbs:

  1. Pequod's: Lincoln Park
  2. Spacca Napoli: Ravenswood
  3. Vito & Nick's: Ashburn
  4. Marie's Pizza & Liquors: Mayfair
  5. Paulie Gee's: Logan Square, Wicker Park
  6. Piece Brewery and Pizzeria: Wicker Park
  7. Middle Brow Bungalow: Palmer Square
  8. Burt's Place: suburban Morton Grove
  9. Robert's Pizza & Dough Company: Streeterville
  10. Phil's Pizza: Bridgeport

In June 2021, Pequod's Pizza, located at 2207 N Clybourn Ave., was placed No. 5 among the best pizzas in the U.S. in a report from Big 7 Travel.

Pequod's serves Chicago's iconic deep dish pizza, as well as soups, salads, pastas, wings and desserts, among other Italian dishes. The Near North Side spot also has a location in Morton Grove, located at 8520 Fernald Ave.

A listing of the best pizza in Chicago from Daily Mail in 2018 named the Chicago Classic at Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria in the no. 3 slot, up from no. 7 in 2017. 

The Chicago Classic was described as “authentic Chicago.” 

At the time, others named were the Deep Dish at Pequod’s, which was ranked at No. 24, followed by Rudy’s Special at Pizano’s at No. 50, the Changes Hourly at Bonci at No. 63, the Sausage at Vito & Nick’s at No.70 and the Carbonara at Pizzeria Bebu at No. 87.

In a 2017 ranking from Daily Mail, which looked at restaurants across the country with a menu that is either made entirely of pizza or has a section dedicated it, Pequod's was also named the best pizza joint in Illinois.

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