Netflix Releases Miniseries Chronicling Crimes of Wisconsin Serial Killer

The 10-episode series follows the crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer, with frequent pivots back to his earlier life


A 10-episode series that chronicles the crimes of Milwaukee native Jeffrey Dahmer, one of America's most notorious serial killers, was released on Netflix Wednesday.

"Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" depicts the criminal career and aftermath of Dahmer, told through the lens of his victims throughout.

The series stars Evan Peters in the titular role, with a supporting cast of Richard Jenkins, Molly Ringwald, Michael Learned and Niecy Nash.

Peters, a St. Louis native, has previously garnered acclaim for his roles in "American Horror Story" and the "X-Men" film series

Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan were behind the creation of the series, both of whom had collaborated for "Glee" and "The Politician." Murphy is also known for his previous work with "American Horror Story."

Dahmer, who became known as the "Milwaukee Monster," murdered and dismembered 17 men and boys in a thirteen-year span from the late 1970's to the early 1990's, and was also known to engage in cannibalism.

Dahmer was captured in 1991 after a potential victim escaped and alerted law enforcement, who made grisly discoveries inside Dahmer's residence.

The series follows Dahmer's life from the start of his killings, shortly after he graduated from high school, up until his capture, trial and death at age 34.

Flashbacks into Dahmer's past life are also featured in the series, with a focus on his class-clown antics in high school and problems he faced at home regarding the divorce of his parents.

Following his capture, Dahmer was sentenced to 16 terms of life imprisonment in 1992. Dahmer was later beaten to death in prison in Nov. 1994.

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