Lost Sense of Security in Ravenswood

Neighbors felt safe when Blago's security was around

No morning run, not even a peek out the window.  Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich is seeming to stay home and out of the limelight today.  One well wisher who hoped he could help her with a problem rang his doorbell at least 6 times, but no one answered.

In his neighborhood there is some sympathy for him. 

"I feel the press should move on to the new governor," said nearby resident Beth Pinter.  "I feel sad, even though he made a mistake, he's still a human being." 

Others said while he feels he hasn't been treated fairly, it seems he messed up a little bit.

That said, neighbors today revealed that they will miss Blagojevich's state-funded security detail, without commenting on whether they will miss him as governor.

"(Security guards) were here 24-7," Pinter said.  "Our neighborhood was a much safer place."

Andy Woodhall has been parking his car near Blagojevich's home.  As a neighbor, he says he loved to see all the security guards here 24 hours a day.

"I would always leave my CD's out in the open, like, 'I dare you to steal my stuff,' because the cops are right there."

There have been six to eight state vehicles with security parked around the house with several officers walking around and around for weeks. Plus, there were another dozen media vehicles. 

"Its really cool to watch TV and then be on TV. It's a big dog walking party out here," a neighbor said.

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