East Garfield Park

Neighbors Describe Shocking Scenes After East Garfield Park Scaffolding Collapse Injures 2 Workers

Fell from top of scaffolding in Garfield Park neighborhood

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City crews are trying to figure out what led to a scaffolding collapse in East Garfield Park that left two people seriously hurt, and witnesses are describing the chaotic scene.

The collapse occurred Monday afternoon at a building being renovated in the 3300 block of West Warren. Two people were hospitalized, and mangled debris remained strewn all over the yard as investigators began their work.

There were a lot of witnesses to the incident, with most describing the loud sounds of the scaffolding falling. One neighbor even watched it all fall down from the front window of her home. 

“I heard a huge, like almost describe it as an explosion. Just a huge cacophony of metal and glass," said neighbor TIffany Smith.

Smith witnessed the collapse through her window.

“The whole apparatus just fell just right straight into the street and the guys were yelling," she described. “One guy was just buried under all that stuff.”

She and others neighbors have been watching the workers for quite some time and have had serious concerns about safety. 

“The guys they just climb up there freestyle," said Tiffany. "They don’t use any safety cables or harnesses or anything and it just looked like an accident waiting to happen.”

“When I saw it Right away I saw that it was not secured correctly," added neighbor Doris Ayala. "I don’t see any safety protocols.”

The wrecked and twisted scaffolding is now on the ground where it landed. Additional construction equipment was brought down with it and cars parked on the curb in front of the home also damaged as well. 

Fire officials tell NBC 5 the home does have a permit, but are unsure if it’s a permit for this type of construction.

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