'Neighborhood Heroes' Summer Initiative Launches Across Chicago Area

'Neighborhood Heroes' Launches Across Chicago Area

Did you ever notice something in your neighborhood that can be changed for the better? Something on your block, or in your community?

Sometimes it’s overwhelming. Where do you start?

NBC 5, Telemundo Chicago and our Making a Difference counterparts have partnered with community groups to launch Neighborhood Heroes, an initiative to make the entire Chicago area a better place to live, one block at a time.

This summer, we’re asking residents in Chicago, the suburbs and northwest Indiana to take a pledge to make a difference, big or small, right on their street.

The beauty of the project is it doesn't have to require a ton of time or even any money. You can pledge to be a Neighborhood Hero by doing even the smallest act.

Just getting to know your neighbors or walking around and meeting someone new will make a difference.

If you love your neighborhood and are ready to make a difference starting today, you too can be one of our Neighborhood Heroes!

Want to take the pledge? Click here!