“Neighborhood Angel” Stabbed to Death in Lawndale

Sister urges attackers to come forward

A Chicago woman who was known as a neighborhood angel who offered food to the homeless was found stabbed to death in her Lawndale home.

Regina McGraw, 57, of the 900 block of South Sacramento Boulevard, may have let her attackers in, neighbor Ray Taylor said.

"I knocked on her door, saw that it was open," Taylor said. “It had a bad smell" as if the body had been there for a while.

Her television and a number of personal items, including family heirlooms were missing from her home.

Those who knew her are urging who ever perpetrated the crime to turn themselves in.

"My sister was a very good person," said Zelda McGraw.  "The neighborhood loved my sister. If you didn't have food, she'd give you food. She helped the homeless.

"Whoever killed her, you need to turn yourself in because you're not going to get away with it. You robbed my sister, took what she had, but you could have left her life," McGraw continued. "You gonna be found. There's not a rock in Chicago you can crawl up under."

Cops are treating the incident as a homicide, but don’t have anyone in custody.

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