Got a Consumer Complaint? Here's How to Ask Experts for Answers

Send us your questions! NBC 5 Responds is hosting a panel of experts to answer your questions about the top eight complaints we hear about most.

UPDATE: This chat has ended. You can view all of the questions and expert responses here

Calling all consumers! Have you been the victim of a scam? Had troubles getting a car or an appliance fixed? We want to hear from you!

Starting at 3 p.m. today, NBC 5 Responds is hosting a panel of experts to answer your questions about the top eight complaints we hear about most.

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Here are the consumer complaints the experts will answer questions about:

Appliance Repairs
If you’ve ever had an oven, dishwasher or refrigerator go on the fritz, you might also be familiar with the endless cycle consumers can get stuck in trying to get them repaired or replaced. The struggle is real! What’s the best way to navigate the process and get results?

Home Warranties
Peace of mind? Or just a piece of paper? Because a house is the most significant purchase many ever make, it makes sense to say yes to coughing up a few extra hundred dollars for warranty coverage. But is it really worth it?

Banking Complaints
Hacked accounts, fraudulent charges and overdraft fees are just a few of the top gripe-getters we hear about from banking customers. How do I battle a bank? What are my rights? 

Internet Scams
Free trial offers, gift card scams, deceptive online marketers -- there’s no shortage of internet scams. How do they work? Who’s behind them? And what should I do if I’m a victim?

NBC 5 Responds first uncovered complaints last fall about a popular mobile banking app that transfers money in a flash. It’s a convenience some say puts consumer bank accounts at risk. That includes a Blue Island high school student who says thieves hacked his account while he was at school. Lisa Parker reports.

Car Repairs
My car is a lemon. My car has been recalled. My car has a defective part. My car dealer won’t repair my car. What do I do?! 

Wireless Woes
We can’t live without them, but dealing with a cell phone company can make us want to try. The complaints we hear most: My wireless provider is over-billing me. They won’t honor an advertised promotion. My account has been hacked and my wireless provider won’t help. What are these hidden fees and do I have to pay them?

Parking Tickets
It's the one thing all drivers love to hate. From unfair parking tickets to red light violations, how can I fight a ticket and actually win? 

Shoddy work. No-shows. My contractor took my money and never finished the project. Just a few of the complaints we hear about the chaos contractors can leave behind.

After many delays, a man's home renovation project in LaGrange Highlands is a wrap. The goal was to make his routine smoother as he relies on a wheelchair, but that obvious challenge turned out to be the least of his worries. NBC 5's Lisa Parker and Megan Stringer respond.
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