Preview Clip Shows Emanuel on “Chicago Fire”

Upcoming NBC show focuses on firefighters of fictional Firehouse 55 in Chicago

Chicagoans can get a glimpse of their very own mayor, Rahm Emanuel, and his first foray into scripted television in a clip from NBC's fiery new television drama, "Chicago Fire," released this week by NBC.

In one clip, Emanuel arrives at the scene of a fire and congratulates the firefighters for an apparent job well done.

Emanuel, who will be celebrating one year as mayor of Chicago this Wednesday, spoke in March of his new acting gig.

"I told them I’d do it under one condition: the TV show is making an investment to the firefighter's widow and orphans fund," he said at the time.

The clip of the mayor is one of many clips and interviews released onto the show's site this week.

The clips and trailer of the show, a drama surrounding the firefighters of Firehouse 55 in Chicago,  present the viewer with hunkily handsome firefighters fighting fires, emotions, and each other in a couple of pleasingly dramatic scenes.

The show should not just be boiled down to eye candy and high-action drama, though, according to an interview on the website by producer Dick Wolf (previously of Law and Order).

"It's not a 'fire of the week' show, I want to emphasize that,"  Wolf said in the interview, "This is really just a canvas on which to put really interesting characters whose work lives are the intersection point but not the reason to watch the show."

Other interviews include those by Jesse Spencer, formerly of House M.D., who plays firefighter Matthew Casey and Taylor Kinney who plays Casey's rival firefighter Kelly Severide.

"Chicago Fire" is set to come to NBC this Fall on Wednesdays at 9:00 Central time.

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