Siberian Winter Could Potentially Impact Chicago, Rest of US

Siberia is dealing with one of the snowiest winters on record

When our temperatures are above average for November, it's hard to think about the upcoming winter months, but they are fast approaching. What many don’t realize is that what is happening now across Russia could be a hint to how cold we may get here. 

Siberia is like a refrigerator chilling the air and then it is sent out to other locations along the jet stream. The jet stream acts as essentially a bowl trapping the cold air to our north. During the summer, the jet stream stays up in Canada keeping the colder air north of us. In the winter months, the jet stream drops into the U.S. and allows that air to stream south. 

The growing snowpack in Russia helps keep the temperature colder longer and this could help the air stay cold as it travels from west to east toward the United States.

Right now, Russia is dealing with one of the snowiest winters on record.  As we said earlier, the more snow they have, the colder the air stays and the cooler air is better able to penetrate farther south toward us.

So based on what is happening now in Siberia, we should prepare for some cold outbreaks this winter, which would happen if the jet stream dips far enough south. The cold air is brewing, but we will have to wait and see how it plays out this winter for us.

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