South Shore Line to Survey Passengers’ NATO Travel Plans

Commuters staying home or working remotely could mean fewer train cars, which could lessen security delays


Rail officials next week will begin surveying passengers on the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District's South Shore line to better gauge how many commuters plan to travel during the NATO Summit.

"We've heard some anedecdotal information regarding some of our commuters perhaps working from home on Monday or taking a vacation day," said NICTD Marketing Director John Parsons.

The U.S. Secret Service earlier this month confirmed that trains would continue to run on the tracks beneath McCormick Place, where much of the NATO action will take place. But officials warned that delays are likely due to the increased security.

Parsons said that if they learn that more people will be staying home or telecommuting, there's a possibility that fewer train cars could be used. The intention is that would shorten possible delays.

Regarding the extent of the security checks the Secret Service has planned, Parsons had little to offer.

"We don't know. We haven't heard from the Secret Service yet," he said.

Parsons said there are about 6,000 daily riders on the South Shore Line between South Bend and Chicago's Millennium Station.

Amtrak trains as well as Metra's Electric Line also run beneath McCormick Place.

South Shore Line Survey:

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