NATO Summit on Francois Hollande's To-Do List

The newly elected French president will meet many of his new colleagues in the Windy City

French president-elect Francois Hollande will be sworn in May 15, five days before dignitaries formally meet in Chicago.

That means the NATO Summit is among Hollande's top to-do list items, including attending the G-8 summit taking place at Camp David.

After a close race to the presidency and mere weeks before he's sworn in, the new leader will have next to no time for meeting many of his new colleagues, putting the task firmly in the Windy City. 

It's another storyline in the worldly plot focused on the Midwest the weekend of May 20 and 21. The subplot? How will the former leader of France's Socialist Party be received.

Reports have it Mayor Rahm Emanuel isn't an immediate fan.

According to a translation, Emanuel reportedly told a reception at the French embassy that Hollande “has more of the head of a prime minister than of a president.”

*The Chicago Mayor's office tells us this is an incorrect translation and that Emanuel said that "everyone grows into the job" and that he "wishes Hollande the best of luck."  

This won't be the only uncomfortable moment during NATO weekend.

Security officials announced Friday portions of Lake Shore Drive an I-55 will shut down for the summit, and temporary closures will occur in the downtown area, around McCormick Place and along I-90, among other areas.

Museum campus will be closed Sunday, and access to certain downtown spaces will be limited.

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