National Hot Dog Day: Chicago-Area Eateries Dominate List of America's Best Hot Dogs

With National Hot Dog Day upon us, it's reasonable to think that many Chicagoans will be rushing to their favorite encased meat eateries to celebrate the unofficial holiday in true Chicago style. 

Those in the city and around the area know the passion that surrounds hot dogs, much like deep dish pizza, runs deep in Chicago. 

It should come as no surprise then that Chicago and Illinois hot dog joints dominated the Daily Meal's annual list of America's Best Hot Dogs for 2017, claiming 10 spots on the top 75 list. 

The top-rated eatery in the area was Superdawg, which ranked at no. 4 on the list. 

Among the top 20 were Fat Johnnie's Famous Red Hots, which was listed at no.13; Portillo's, which followed in the spot below; and Jimmy's Red Hots, listed at no. 20. 

The highest-ranking suburban restaurant was Gene and Jude's in River Grove, which ranked no. 24 on the list. 

The best hot dog in the country can apparently be found at Rutt's Hut in Clifton, New Jersey, according to the report. 

See the full list of Chicago and Illinois hot dog restaurants to make the ranking:

No. 4: Superdawg, Chicago

No. 13: Fat Johnnie's Famous Red Hots, Chicago

No. 14: Portillo's, Chicago

No. 20: Jimmy's Red Hots, Chicago

No. 24: Gene and Jude's, River Grove

No. 36: Gold Coast Dog, Chicago

No. 38: Vienne Beef Factory, Chicago

No. 39: Weiner's Circle, Chicago

No. 41: Murphy's Red Hot Joint, Chicago

No. 65: Mustard's Last Stand, Evanston

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