Nate Robinson To Wear No. 10 in Honor of Lionel Messi

For the first time in his NBA career, Nate Robinson will wear a double digit uniform number

When former Chicago Bulls guard Nate Robinson decided to play for the Denver Nuggets this summer, he found himself in somewhat of a dilemma. After wearing jersey No. 2 in Chicago last season, Robinson found out the number was retired in Denver in honor of one of the NBA's greatest scorers, Alex English. 

"I usually dig the single digit numbers, but No. 2 is retired," said Robinson in an interview with Denver Stiffs. "Alex English, great player. He was my coach at pre-draft camp when I played in Chicago. ... Man, that No. 2, there's something special about it."

But seeing as the number isn't available, Robinson will wear a different uniform number in honor of another great player, albeit in a very different sport. "I'm going to change it up and wear No. 10. I'm going to wear it for [Lionel] Messi. That's my favorite soccer player."

Messi is the star of FC Barcelona and Argentina's national soccer team. He is regarded in many circles as the best soccer player in the world and one of the greatest players in the history of the game. Of course, no one would ever say that about Nate Robinson as it relates to the NBA, but the 5-9 guard is drawing inspiration from the soccer star and his standing within the soccer community.

"[Messi] is the best little guy to do it and I've got to be the best little guy to do it [wearing] No. 10 in the NBA. That's my goal."

Robinson posted a picture of himself on his Instagram account in a Nuggets uniform wearing No. 10 with a caption that read, "New look, new #. Hope y'all like this #10 more than me cuz I love it ... I'm #10 like my guy Messi."

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