Woman Who Suffers From MS Gets Nasty Note on Windshield

Imagine getting a disturbing letter on your windshield--for parking where you’re supposed to park.

That’s what happened to a Chicago-area woman who parked in a handicap spot.

Michele Clark is still shocked at the letter left on her windshield last week.

What people might not know is that Clark has been fighting multiple sclerosis. She say’s some days she feels normal, others she can’t even get out of bed. On those days she uses a cane and a walker--and she has a handicap tag for her car.

On Nov. 13 of last week she was taking her daughter to a doctor’s appointment in Plainfield.

"I used my handicap I just wasn’t really feeling it that day," she said.

When she got out of the appointment her daughter noticed something was on the windshield of her car.

“I immediately thought I was getting a ticket," she recalled. "So I looked and I saw I did have my handicap (placard) on."

Instead she found a profane letter on her windshield that said this:

“You inconsiderate b----, placing a handicap spot when you or your little daughter aren’t handicapped. Is the placard for someone else in the family? It certainly isn’t for either of the two of you. People who are really handicapped need these spots. You are setting a very poor example for your daughter.”

Clark was dismayed.

"I didn’t do anything wrong," she said. "I didn’t ask to have MS, I didn’t ask for a handicap placard, I would give anything not to have it," she said.

She posted the letter on Facebook and has gotten a tremendous response. She now hopes to send that person who wrote her that letter a message.

"That was not fair for you to judge me," she said. "It was hurtful hopefully you think twice about doing something like that again."

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