Naperville Fire Department Saves 3 Kayakers on DuPage River

Rescuers were able to save three kayakers overturned on the river

The Naperville Fire Department was busy on Sunday morning, as they were called to two different water rescues on the DuPage River.

The first rescue call came just after 10 a.m., according to the fire department. A man and his two children overturned their kayaks on the river, and when rescuers arrived they found the three individuals clinging to tree branches near an island.

Rescuers were able to save all three people, and they were brought to shore for medical evaluation.

According to fire officials, a significant current in the area, caused by recent heavy rains, caused the kayaks to capsize.

Less than three hours later, rescuers were called again after two teenagers were spotted yelling for help and holding onto an overturned boat. Within five minutes, rescue technicians arrived at the scene to find that the teens had made it back to shore, and both were checked out by paramedics.

Fire officials urge residents to stay off the water while levels are high, and when the river returns to normal levels, they recommend using experienced guides for boaters who want to use kayaks on the river. 

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