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Naperville Police Say Friday Protests Were Largely Peaceful, With 2 Arrests Reported

Naperville Police 8-26
Naperville Police

Naperville police say that two people were arrested after a group of demonstrators refused to disperse during a protest on Friday night.

According to authorities, two separate groups conducted protests in the city on Friday night. The first group, which marched along 95th Street, saw 30-to-40 individuals gathered, and was peaceful, according to police.

The other, much larger, protest was located in the downtown area near Centennial Beach. Approximately 200 protesters marched along Jackson Street toward the intersection of Chicago Avenue and Washington Street, according to police.

During that second march, police say they “developed reliable information….that the group intended to commit criminal acts in downtown.” Police formed lines to help with crowd control, and after members of the group began to engage police, an order to disperse was issued.

Most protesters dispersed after the order, while approximately 30 did not do so, according to authorities. After a second order was given, and the rest of the group complied.

Two individuals were arrested for criminal defacement of public property, according to authorities.

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