Chicago Suburb Named One of America's Best Beach Cities

When a person thinks of the best beach towns in America, tropical locales and the California coast inevitably come to mind, but at least one popular ranking site thinks that a Chicago suburb belongs in that conversation.

That website, WalletHub, recently compiled a list of the best beach towns to live in, and Illinois is represented on the list, as Naperville checks in at number 30 on the ranking.

The suburb, located just 30 miles west of Chicago, got high marks from the ranking because of its low crime rate, solid economy, and the quality of the education system in the city.

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The top-tier cities on the list are both in Florida, as Naples and Key West check in at numbers one and two respectively. Eden Prairie, MN is ranked at number three, with Traverse City, MI and St. Augustine, FL rounding out the top five.

The WalletHub ranking factored in six rankings into their total score, including weather, affordability, and quality of life. 

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