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Family Says Ex-Cheer Coach Has Propensity for Sex Abuse



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    A northwest Indiana fifth grade teacher was accused of sending sexual text messages to some of the school's eigth grade cheerleaders.

    The family of a teen girl who was assaulted when she was 13 years old by her cheerleading coach is suing the coach for more than $50,000 in damages.

    Bradley S. Abrahams, who previously co-owned Illinois Cheer Extreme Athletics in Naperville, last week was ordered to register as a lifetime sex offender and was recently sentenced to 40 months in prison for molesting an underage student, the Daily Herald reported.

    The family's lawsuit alleges Abrahams has a history of sexual misconduct and that the cheerleading school didn't properly supervise Abrahams despite his "dangerous criminal propensities to commit acts of sexual abuse/assault against young girls."

    Specifically, the lawsuit says Abrahams was sent home from a summer camp four years ago after having an inappropriate relationship with a girl, he impregnated another teen girl in 2002, and invited another 17-year-old girl to come to his house to play "strip Monopoly," the newspaper reports.

    Abrahams' attorney has not commented on the case.

    Editor's Note: a previous version of this story used an inappropriate photograph. The photograph has been changed to more accurately reflect the content.