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Naperville Baby Is a Perfect 10

Nathaniel David Henze Milan was born at 10:10 p.m. on 10/10/10



    Nathaniel David Henze Milan has more hair than most newborns, but that’s not why people will remember his birthday.  Not only was the baby boy born on October 10, 2010, he came into the world exactly at 10:10 pm.

    "I didn’t think it was going to happen this way," said his mother Autumn Henze, cradling her 8-pound, 6--ounce newborn.  "I guess he was ready to come out at that time too.  It’s amazing."

    Henze has known her due date for quite some time, but never expected her first born would come on that day. She says she believes in the power of numbers, but chose her son’s name from the Bible. The meaning for Nathaniel, she said is "gift from God."

    David, she said is a "child who is loved."

    On Monday, while father DeAndre Milan is at work, Henze is with her mother and brother in her room at Edward Hospital in Naperville.

    Numerologists believe the "perfect tens," which happen only once a century, symbolize a "powerful moment of rebirth."