Name Lincoln Park Zoo's New Snowy Owl

Visit the zoo's Facebook page to vote for your favorite name

While snow is nowhere to be found in Chicago, a new snowy owl feels right at home at the Lincoln Park Zoo - and she is in need of a name.

The zoo is asking the public to go to its Facebook page and cast a vote on one of four possible choices already selected by zookeepers.

Although "Hedwig," the famous white owl in Harry Potter, is not in the running, the potential names include:

  • Freya -- the Norse goddess of love and beauty
  • Skaydi -- the Norse goddess of the hunt
  • Dusty -- Referencing the brown coloring females use as nesting camouflage
  • Tundra -- A nod to the owl's native habitat

The owl hatched in 2011 at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. She recently arrived at Lincoln Park Zoo to become a companion for a male owl living there, according to the zoo.

The naming poll for the owl ends Monday morning, Jan. 9.

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