Mysterious Tippers Give Thousands to Chicago Servers

Generous tippers are leaving a trail of thousands of dollars in gracious gratuity across the country, including Chicago.

The mysterious tip droppers dubbed “TipsforJesus” post photos of receipts on Instagram, boasting tips of up to five figures, and claim they are simply “doing the Lord’s work one tip at a time,” the account reads.

“TipsforJesus” has left more than $50,000 in gratuity to servers from Los Angeles’ Hungry Cat to Chicago’s Paris Club and the Boundary Tavern & Grille.

One server at the Paris Club on Hubbard Street received a $5,000 tip in one of the photos and another Chicago server was given a $3,000 tip at Wicker Park’s Boundary Tavern & Grille.

The recipient of the big tip at The Boundary said a group of four men came in and sat down a booth, racking up a total bill of $373.36, she told the Chicago Sun-Times.

The server said she was stunned by the $3,000 tip and noted the group only asked that she keep the name of the man signing the bill anonymous.

The group’s tipping mission has taken them to bars in South Bend, Hollywood venues and, most recently, an Arizona tavern.

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