Arson MySpace Interest Leads to Teen's Arrest

14-year-old includes arson as one of his interests

Despite continued warnings to teenagers about thinking twice before posting stuff on MySpace or Facebook, police in Geneva, Ill., have charged a 14-year-old with arson, burglary and criminal damage to property after he gave them a number of clues on a social networking site.

A Geneva teenager has been charged with arson, burglary and criminal damage to property in connection with fires set last month to Western Avenue School told police he did so because "he got a sudden urge to do something crazy."

The Kane County Chronicle is reporting that, according to police and court documents, the teen wrote on his MySpace page that arson was among his interests

In fact, after police obtained a search warrant to examine his page, they found the boy had listed arson, anarchy, vandalism and mischief as some of his general interests.

Upon his arrest earlier this month, the teen was placed on electronic home monitoring and remains at home.

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