Martellus Bennett Releases Mixtape

The Bears TE released a mixed-tape titled "Year of the Orange Dinosaur" Monday

Anyone who has followed the career of Chicago Bears tight end Martellus Bennett knows that he has aspirations that go far beyond what he achieves on the football field. 

Whether it's travelling or engaging in oft-entertaining Twitter interactions with his fans, Bennett has a ton of interests. This week though, Bennett re-engaged with one of his other passions--the world of hip-hop. 

Following up on a 2011 release called "Fast Food," Bennett released a new mixed-tape on Monday called "Year of the Orange Dinosaur."

The album, which can certainly be given an NSFW warning, features some catchy beats and some interesting lyrics on tracks such as "Swaggin" and "ISWMGF (If Summer Was My Girlfriend)," and elicited some positive reactions from the Twitterverse: 

You can check out the songs on his SoundCloud page (second warning: this is NOT suitable for work), or listen to them here: 

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