Mugger With Machete Takes Man's Tacos

Man steals tacos and nothing else

Look out, Hamburglar. There's a new fast-food thief in town, and he's pilfering tacos.

About 10 p.m. Sunday, a man was walking to his vehicle near Villa and Fulton Streets in Elgin. He was carrying 16 tacos he had just purchased for $41.

But he would never get to enjoy his tasty treats.

A man in a black ski mask and yellow hoodie came running out of a vacant building and threatened the victim with a machete.

"He was walking back (to his vehicle) with his tacos. A guy came out with a machete and took his tacos," said Elgin Deputy Chief Jeff Swoboda.

The victim, fortunately, did not put up a fight and was not hurt in the incident.

The machete-wielding thief demanded nothing else. The suspect, described as a Hispanic man about 5-foot-6 to 5-foot-9, simply took the tacos and drove off in a 1990s green Chrysler or Plymouth, according to police.

What's next, hot dog heists?

Matt Bartosik is a social media sovereign and a Chicago native.

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