Moving LSD

The Chicago Plan Commission, with an eye toward the year 2020, proposed some interesting ideas for handling the city’s expected expansion.

The biggest head scratcher, in the Chicago Central Area Action Plan, is a initiative that aims to move Lake Shore Drive.

The proposal would allocate $377 million of a $15.6 billion plan move part of Lake Shore Drive east from Navy Pier to the Oak Street curve, creating space for bike and pedestrian paths, the Sun-Times reports.  It also could make the road safer for motorists by straightening a sharp curve around Oak Street Beach.

Other plans on the docket include a CTA express train from the airports ($1.5 billion), a West Loop Transit hub beneath Clinton Street with a multilevel connection between Metra and CTA trains ($6 billion), and a roof over the Kennedy Expressway between Monroe and Washington that would allow new office buildings to be built.

The plans are in the early stages and each item needs to be approved separately.

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