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Accused Mosque Shooter Held on $45,000 Bond



    Accused Mosque Shooter Held on $45,000 Bond

    Teacher at Morton Grove's Muslim Eduction Center says Friday's shooting wasn't the first aimed at center. Sharon Wright reports. (Published Monday, Aug. 13, 2012)

    A Morton Grove man accused of firing an air-powered rifle toward a mosque was ordered to attend anger-management classes and will be placed on electronic monitoring should he be released from jail.

    David Conrad, 51, is currently being held on $45,000 bond in connection with the Friday evening incident.

    His attorney denies the allegations.

    "David is a person whom even the police agree is a stellar community person," said attorney Al Knorr. "He volunteers all of his free time to coaching, community organizations to beautify the city. He spends more time doing charity work than anybody I know. And he's highly thought of in the community."

    The shooting happened while congregants were observing the holy month of Ramadan at the Muslim Eduction Center, at 8601 N. Menard Avenue. A security guard said one of the bullets whizzed past his head.

    Habib Quadri, a teacher at the center, said Friday's wasn't the first shooting aimed at the mosque. He said there's a long-standing feud with neighbors stemming back to when the building complex cut into some of the neighborhood parkland.

    Conrad was reportedly among those who spoke out against the development at the time.

    "With these bullets, now one of the big concerns for many of our congregation is the idea of coming to the mosque to reflect and to be in peace with themselves and have reflection of the purpose of life to now where some of the concerns of just coming into the mosque in fear of their safety," said Quadri.

    The shooting comes just days after the deadly shooting at a Sikh Temple in suburban Milwaukee.