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More Than 100 Arrested, Several Officers Hurt During Protests Friday, CPD Says

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After a night of marches and clashes between protesters and police, Chicago Police Supt. David Brown says that more than 100 people were arrested and several CPD officers were injured Friday night and into Saturday morning.

According to Brown, a total of 108 people were arrested during the protests. The demonstrations were mostly peaceful to start with, according to Brown, but became more contentious throughout the evening before culminating in bottles being thrown and windows being smashed at several downtown retailers.

“I support and understand the need to express the anger, frustration and pain people are experiencing,” Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said. “I support the expression of First Amendment rights, but I’m urging, on behalf of every Chicago resident, that that expression be done peacefully.”

According to Chicago police, several officers were hurt in the clashes, including one who was hospitalized after suffering a broken wrist. More than a dozen Chicago police cars were damaged during the protests, with graffiti and smashed windshields reported in several instances.

Lightfoot and Brown are encouraging Chicago residents to keep planned protests peaceful on Saturday, as demonstrators are planning more marches to call for reform after the death of George Floyd in a confrontation with police in Minneapolis.

Downtown streets will be subject to parking restrictions during the day and evening Saturday, while motorists are being encouraged to avoid the area or to use public transportation.

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