Moo & Oink Brand Auctioned to Best Chicago

Moo & Oink is under new ownership.

The iconic Chicago brand, including the company's Moo & Oink characters, website and product recipes, was auctioned Wednesday to Best Chicago Meat Co. for $530,000.

Robert Beavers, chairman and CEO of Best Chicago Meat Co., said the deal appealed to him because most of the products being sold by Moo & Oink were already being made by Best Chicago. Purchasing the brand, Beavers said, would be the perfect fit.

The company isn't interested in reopening the Moo & Oink stores, he said, but they do want to move the brand forward in Chicago and to other markets in Detroit and Atlanta.
Best Chicago may even expand and make new products, such as seasonings, vegetables and sauces, said David Van Kampen, president and chief operating officer.

Moo & Oink fixtures and equipment were sold for a combined $68,000 to two liquidators who plan to sell them at a public auction, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, and no one has bid on the real estate that the company's four stores were on.

Many former employees of Moo & Oink have been out of work since the company closed. Beavers said he and his partners at Best Chicago will make decisions about hiring in coming months, but he hopes to employ more people in Chicago.

Moo & Oink was auctioned off due to slipping sales.

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