Mom of Olympian Skier Jaelin Kauf Surprises Her in Teary-Eyed Reunion Following Silver-Medal Win

Team USA Olympic skier Jaelin Kauf was met with a big surprise Thursday morning, and it brought out some tears.

While on the TODAY Show, Kauf was talking to her mom over a live video when her mom cut out mid-sentence to run onto the plaza and surprise the newly minted silver medalist.

"Good morning, Jae," her mother said. "Oh, you're on the TODAY Show, I'm so excited. I cannot wait for you to get home on Friday. You know what..."

The two shared a big hug, holding each other for a moment while laughing, crying and showing off Kauf's new Olympic medal.

After the 25-year-old Kauf clinched the silver medal in the women’s moguls finals Saturday, the first person she called was her mother, telling NBC that her medal-winning experience wouldn't have been possible without her support system back home.

“It was kind of my whole family. There was a big watch party at my dad’s bar, but my mom was able to sneak off with the phone, so I talked to her and my brother for a minute,” said Kauf.

Though originally from Wyoming, Kauf earned her degree from DeVry University and is a two-time Olympian with Team USA.

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