Mom Makes Incredible ‘Granny-Style' Half-Court Shot for Daughter's Tuition

Angela Ramey had one last chance to make a half-court shot for her daughter and she wasn’t going to let this one bounce away.

Ramey and her daughter Grace had both tried to make a half-court shot at Bethany Academy in hopes of winning half off her daughter’s tuition for the next school year, but neither had succeeded.

“Mom I know you can do it,” Grace Ramey is heard telling her mom in video of the shooting attempt.

With her final chance, Ramey closed her eyes and swung the ball into the air “granny-style.” A miss.

But just when she thought it was over, the ball bounced up and into the net and the crowd of more than 200 students in the stands erupted.

Ramey stands shocked while her daughter cheers next to her.

Video of the shot has been seen more than 260,000 times and shared more than 1,600 times.

The school said Grace Ramey won the opportunity to take the shot after she raised the most money during a school fundraiser to help feed the hungry in Bloomington, Minnesota.

But what the video doesn’t show is what Head of School Bruce Maeda said happened after.

Angela Ramey spoke to the hundreds of students who helped pack 41,000 meals for the hungry in the small Minnesota town. She gave a tearful speech, explaining that her family had faced hunger when she was a child, and the fundraiser meant more than they knew.

“It was very touching,” Maeda said. “And it meant a great deal to her, to the kids. The basketball shot in itself was fun and exciting and you don’t see half-court basketball shots made very often and something that goes in off the bounce is even more rare, but to be able to celebrate with her family and be so touched and moved by the kids was just really neat.”

Maeda said the school was “overwhelmed and humbled” by how quickly the video went viral.

“[The Rameys] have given so much to the school it was just wonderful that we were able to give back to them as well,” he said.

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Ramey's Shocked Shot

The unbelieveable half-court alley-oop shot and Angela's shocked reaction when she realizes the ball went in the basket! Thanks Alex Matheson (videographer and BA dad) for capturing Angela Ramey and Grace last Friday, deciding who's going to take the shot to try to score half-off tuition next year. Angela throws the basketball granny style with her eyes closed, then screams in disbelief when the cheering students and staff convince her she scored. She's jumping amid 41,040 meals packed by 235 students during Friday's "Bethany Loves Bloomington" meal packing event Friday, a service project undertaken to help feed the hungry in Bloomington and the surrounding communities.The Ramey's won the chance for the half-court/half-tuition prize by being the family who raised the most money during the school's fundraiser.

Posted by Bethany Academy on Monday, December 7, 2015
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