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Video Shows Crooks Busting Through Business Doors in Mokena

New surveillance video may help police track down a group of burglars terrorizing businesses in the south suburbs.

In one community— burglars targeted nearly an entire strip mall.

Over the past month—police have been keeping a close eye on their business districts— a big target for thieves this time of the year.

Many are stepping up patrols —even in municipalities that haven’t been touched. New surveillance video shows just how brazen these criminals are.

The Praire Commons strip mall in Mokena has nearly every door locking up after at least four stores were broken into and robbed over the weekend.

New and critical surveillance video shows burglars busting through glass doors at Fajitas Mexican restaurant over the weekend.

The thieves rip cords out of sockets in less than 20 seconds. Mokena police say this was the second night in a row —burglars hit the strip mall.

Owner Walter Narsolis says they took the entire cash register—just like they did next door at the salon, and the dry cleaners, and another restaurant.

Their businesses are taking the hit.

"They know we have a camera system here and they still did it," he said. "A lot of customers thought we were closed because the doors were boarded up."

Jo-cele Marnul, a customer, said the robbery was "awful."

"This is a nice community and all these places got broken into for no reason," Marnul said. "It’s ridiculous."

Over the past month— police departments all across the south suburbs— even into Indiana- have stepped up patrols in an effort to curb the issue.

But without being able to identify suspects— it’s difficult to make any connections.

Wide eyes and open ears— are what they are relying on.

"We all have to stick together," said Pearl Garcia, a co-owner of Tresses Salon--which was also broken into over the weekend.

Mokena police could be a step closer to some answers, they said Wednesday, adding that they are chasing several leads.

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